JomSocial Component Roadmap

JomSocial Component Roadmap


The JomSocial Component as you know and love will continue to be developed as it always has been. We are putting our brightest mind into the project and scheduled updates well into the future.


Specifically, we have studied Joomla! development roadmap and have come up with a release roadmap that we feel is the best for everyone.


JomSocial Version Release Date Joomla! Version
2.4 November 2011 1.5,1.6,1.7,2.5
2.6 April 2012 1.5,1.6,1.7,2.5
2.8 October 2012 2.5.*
3.0 April 2013 2.5.*
3.5 September 2013 3.5.*


We have decided to focus our energy in supporting LTS version of Joomla! for as long as they are supported. In between those releases, you can expect regular maintenance release as well.


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