Google Picks 12 Top Android Apps of 2012

Google has released its list of the top Android apps of 2012. This year’s list includes not only apps that were released this year, such as Pinterest’s Android app, but also apps that saw significant updates during the past calendar year.

Ranging from an app to help you monitor your finances to an app to help you book your next vacation, the chosen apps all sport a clean and easy-to-use design, representing what Google feels are the best of the best in Google Play.

Almost all of the apps on the list are also available for phones and tablets, so whether you have a Galaxy S III smartphone, or a Nexus 7 tablet, you can likely take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Check out the full list of apps in the gallery above. Did your favorite Android app make the list? Tell us what Google missed in the comments.

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checking a domains availability using php

The availability API is probably the greatest feature of the Robowhois webservice, letting you check for a domain’s availability with a simple, uniform HTTP request.

Checking if is available

isAvailable('')) {
echo "pretty nice dream, uhm?";

The opposite thing is achieved using the ->isRegistered() method.

You can also retrieve an array as returned from the webservice, by doing:
whoisAvailability('')) {
echo $availability['available'];
echo $availability['registered'];
echo $availability['daystamp'];

Retrieve informations about your account

A must-have, since you should always check how many remaining credits you have, the account API lets you retrieve some of your personal data from your account:

Calculating how many left credits you have


if ($credits > 100) {
echo "No problem fella!";
} else {
echo "Time to go shopping looking for new API calls, uhm?";
} catch (Exception $e) {
echo "The following error occurred: " . $e->getMessage();

Minor things

We also polished some code, refactored stuff and added some tests (unit and integration ones).

For instance, when using the record API, you can retrieve the daystamp of the response as DateTime object:

retrieving the daystamp as an object or a string

whoisRecord('')) {
// returns a DateTime object
echo $whois->getDaystamp();

// formats the DateTime
echo $whois->getDaystamp()->format('Y-m-d');

// returns a string
echo $whois->getDaystamp(true);

You can download the latest tag of the library (currently 0.8.0) and start using it: the README exhaustively explains what you can do with this small client, and some samples are provided under the

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Which One Is Better SEO Or Smo?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting high search placement in the organic or natural listing of search engines while Social Media Optimization (SMO) has the ability to drive huge amount of targeted niche traffic to a site quickly. It is also another way to network with potential clients and build a good reputation online.

Which one is better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Social Media Optimization (SMO)?
To answer this question will compare the advantages and disadvantages of both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

Targeted traffic

Works almost all niches

Long term traffic

Great Return on Investment (ROI)

High quality traffic

There’s no need for a popular profile to get traffic

Advantages of Social Media Optimization

Quick traffic

Helps SEO in building backlinks

Increase popularity of website

Can create brand image of a website

No need to optimized the site structure for search engine spiders

You’ll get valuable contacts

Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization

The process of SEO takes time and effort

Contents need to be readable by search engine spiders

The site structure should be optimized for search engine spiders

Disadvantages of Social Media Optimization

Contents should be readable by human readers

Needs to have a popular profile to get lots of traffic

Will work on some niches

Both are great internet marketing tool and have its own benefits. Some people believes that SEO is better than SMO and some believes that SMO is better than SEO. Well for me both plays a great role in driving traffic and the two work together rather than separately. It drives traffic to our site so why not combine them to get a much better result since SEO benefits from SMO through the backlinks that gives significant impact in search engine rankings. If both done correctly will work like a needle in a thread. SMO works great if your topic is about entertainment, music, sports, technology, and other internet related stuffs. It can give you plenty of traffic in short term while in SEO, it works great with almost all of the niches and it can give long term traffic to your site though, the process of doing it takes some time and effort.


There seems to be no end for Android devices boom across the international smartphone and tablet market segment. The recent Motorola Press event brought in some numbers in to play when the Google Chairman disclosed the total number of Android devices being activated on a daily basis across the world. The announcement by Eric Schmidt who is the Google executive Chairman was the center of attraction in the press event.
Google Chairman announced that the total number of Android devices activated daily is estimated to be roughly 1.3 million units as compared to 1 million units which was the official figure when it was announced way back in June during the Google I/O event. He also stated that the total number of Android tablets being activated stands at 70,000 out of the total 1.3 million units. There is also a significant increase in the total number of Android devices sold so far. The figure as of now is estimated to be 480 million units so far compared to 400 million units, when it was announced way back at Google I/O in June.
The press event also witnessed Google Chairman announcing the importance of Moto Mobility in the growing Android ecosystem. He also emphasized the need to be more competitive in the emerging Android ecosystem. Motorola’s ‘On-Display’ event witnessed participation from many industry analysts from across the globe.
Many of the top manufacturers other than Apple use Android operating system which is powering their tablets and smartphones. The most popular Android operating system released to date are Android 4.0 ICS and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Google already has a list of Android supported devices and its manufacturers. They have launched Google Play Store application too where Android users can download some of the popular apps and games.

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1.3 million Android devices being activated per day

Delete Anyone’s Facebook Account Easily

Hey Friends Recently I Make A Trick To Delete Anyone’s Profile From Facebook. This Tricks Is Easy But Little Confusing. I Try My Best To Simplify It. So Read The Post Carefully.

I Really Work Hard To Make This Trick Work, So Please Share The Article To Help Me Little.
The Main Key Of The Article Is When Many Users Report Any One’s Profile (App. 25-50 Times), His Account Will Be Delete By The Facebook Team.
So We Will Do It Here. And Here Is A Post That How Can Report Profile 500 Or More Time So His Profile Will Be Deleted For Sure.
First Of We Want To Make A Event But If You Make A Event With Your Account Then Your Name Will Be Shown On The Event Page. See The Image..

But We Have Also A Trick To Not Show Your Name On The Event Page. So The Victim Can Not Know That You Are About To Delete His Account.
So Don’t Worry He Never Knows That You Are Delete His/Her Account.
Follow The Step By Step Guide To Disable Anyone’s Account Without Knowing Him.
Step 1
First We Need To Make A Facebook Page. ( Name It Anything I Suggest Name To Suite With Event Name )  I Think Many Of You Know About How To Make A FaceBook Page. But Some Peoples Not Know How To Make It So This First Step For Their.
If You Know How To Make A Facebook Page Then You Can Simply Ignore This Step.
So If You Not know How To Make It Then Follow The Guide.
– Select Any Category And Name Your Page And Click Get Started.
-Fill Up Captcha And-Fill Up Other Info And Click Continue.Your Page Is Ready.

Step 2

Now We Need To Make An Event From The Page That we Make So Our Identity Can Secure.

To Make A Event From The Page You Made Follow The Procedure Below.

– Go To The Page You Made.
– In Right Side Of Page Click On Use Facebook as Your Page Name.

Now Go To

– And Click On Create Event.

Now You Learned How To Make A Page And How To Make A Event From A Page.
And Now You Have To Learn How To Make Event Attractive So Peoples Do All That You Say.
So Follow The Step 3.


Step 3

In Event Name Type An Attractive Title.
Ex. Win An Apple IPhone For Free
Choose Start And End Date To Anything.
Location Anything Ex. Facebook

Now In Details First 2-4 Lines Write Your Event More Info.

Ex. Now It’s Very Easy To Own A Apple Iphone For Free. Follow The Below Step To Make It Own Right Now.
Now After This You Have Write Exactly Like Below But You Can Make Changes In It.
Step 1. Invite 50-100 Friends To This Event.
Step 2. Go This Link Victim Facebook Profile Url Here  And At The Left Side Bottom Click On REPORT/BLOCK When Pop-Up Window Is Open Select “This Person Is Bullying Or Harassing Me”And Click Continue 2 Times And You Are Done.You Will Be Get The Mobile Within One Week If Completed All Steps.
Change Victim Facebook Profile Url Here With Url Of Victim Whom Facebook You Want To Hack.
Change Other Lines Which Suite Your Event Name.
Put An Attractive Image  To Event That Suit Your Event.
Now Invite 50-100 Friend To Your Event. Then It Will Be Increase Hour By Hour.

If You Have More Friends Than Invite More To Delete The Victim’s Facebook Profile Fast.Note : You Can Also Make A Fake Account Instead Of Page. But Page Is More Secure Than The Fake Account.

That’s All.

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