How the Internet IPOs of 2012 Fared

This was a mixed year for tech IPOs, but overall, the Internet companies who went public in 2012 fared better than those who did in 2011.

Some 59% of the Internet companies who went public this year were trading above their IPO price as of midday Wednesday and 47% were trading above the price of their first actual trade, according to data compiled for Mashable by Kevin Pleines, an analyst with Birinyi Associates. By comparison, 42% of the Internet companies who went public last year were trading above their IPO price by the end of 2011 and just 14% were trading above the price of their first trade.

That may come as somewhat a surprise considering all the negative press surrounding the Facebook IPO, but as Pleines explains, Facebook’s troubles arguably overshadowed the success of many other tech companies this year. “Facebook received the bulk of the press in the first half of the year, first on their valuation then the subsequent poor performance,” Pleines said. “Many of the other internet companies flew under the radar.”

What’s more, Pleines says that Facebook’s disastrous IPO may have caused other tech companies to rethink the timing and valuation of their own IPOs, which may have prevented similar Internet IPO disasters. In fact, 10 Internet companies went public before Facebook did in May, but only six went public afterwards.

All in all, there were two fewer Internet IPOs this year than last year. The total value of Internet IPOs this year was more than double that of 2011, but the vast majority of that was Facebook. If you take Facebook out of the equation, the total value of the Internet IPOs this year was actually 63% lower than last year, suggesting that this was a less eventful year for tech IPOs than 2011.

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How To Make A Blank Post Status In Facebook

Hey Friends After A Very Big Time I’m Posting Here About How To Post A Blank Post In Facebook…..
So Just Follow Belowed Simple Steps…
1. Go To Facebook Wall Post…
2. In Post Status Write The Code Given Below…
@[0:0: ]
Now Post Status…You Are Posted A Blank Post Or Status.!

Delete Anyone’s Facebook Account Easily

Hey Friends Recently I Make A Trick To Delete Anyone’s Profile From Facebook. This Tricks Is Easy But Little Confusing. I Try My Best To Simplify It. So Read The Post Carefully.

I Really Work Hard To Make This Trick Work, So Please Share The Article To Help Me Little.
The Main Key Of The Article Is When Many Users Report Any One’s Profile (App. 25-50 Times), His Account Will Be Delete By The Facebook Team.
So We Will Do It Here. And Here Is A Post That How Can Report Profile 500 Or More Time So His Profile Will Be Deleted For Sure.
First Of We Want To Make A Event But If You Make A Event With Your Account Then Your Name Will Be Shown On The Event Page. See The Image..

But We Have Also A Trick To Not Show Your Name On The Event Page. So The Victim Can Not Know That You Are About To Delete His Account.
So Don’t Worry He Never Knows That You Are Delete His/Her Account.
Follow The Step By Step Guide To Disable Anyone’s Account Without Knowing Him.
Step 1
First We Need To Make A Facebook Page. ( Name It Anything I Suggest Name To Suite With Event Name )  I Think Many Of You Know About How To Make A FaceBook Page. But Some Peoples Not Know How To Make It So This First Step For Their.
If You Know How To Make A Facebook Page Then You Can Simply Ignore This Step.
So If You Not know How To Make It Then Follow The Guide.
– Select Any Category And Name Your Page And Click Get Started.
-Fill Up Captcha And-Fill Up Other Info And Click Continue.Your Page Is Ready.

Step 2

Now We Need To Make An Event From The Page That we Make So Our Identity Can Secure.

To Make A Event From The Page You Made Follow The Procedure Below.

– Go To The Page You Made.
– In Right Side Of Page Click On Use Facebook as Your Page Name.

Now Go To

– And Click On Create Event.

Now You Learned How To Make A Page And How To Make A Event From A Page.
And Now You Have To Learn How To Make Event Attractive So Peoples Do All That You Say.
So Follow The Step 3.


Step 3

In Event Name Type An Attractive Title.
Ex. Win An Apple IPhone For Free
Choose Start And End Date To Anything.
Location Anything Ex. Facebook

Now In Details First 2-4 Lines Write Your Event More Info.

Ex. Now It’s Very Easy To Own A Apple Iphone For Free. Follow The Below Step To Make It Own Right Now.
Now After This You Have Write Exactly Like Below But You Can Make Changes In It.
Step 1. Invite 50-100 Friends To This Event.
Step 2. Go This Link Victim Facebook Profile Url Here  And At The Left Side Bottom Click On REPORT/BLOCK When Pop-Up Window Is Open Select “This Person Is Bullying Or Harassing Me”And Click Continue 2 Times And You Are Done.You Will Be Get The Mobile Within One Week If Completed All Steps.
Change Victim Facebook Profile Url Here With Url Of Victim Whom Facebook You Want To Hack.
Change Other Lines Which Suite Your Event Name.
Put An Attractive Image  To Event That Suit Your Event.
Now Invite 50-100 Friend To Your Event. Then It Will Be Increase Hour By Hour.

If You Have More Friends Than Invite More To Delete The Victim’s Facebook Profile Fast.Note : You Can Also Make A Fake Account Instead Of Page. But Page Is More Secure Than The Fake Account.

That’s All.

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