How to hide files inside a picture ?

On this article i am going to tell how to hide files inside a picture that is Steganography.What is Steganography?

Steganography:-The art of hiding a file or folder inside a completely different file.More specifically hiding files inside a picture.
Now let me tell you what are the things you need to hide a file or folder inside picture.Noting just a computer,a file or folder and a picture.

Step(ii):-Place the file to be hidden and the picture you want to hide in it,inside the same folder.

Step(iii):-Start up the command terminal.
Step(iv) :-Change the directory of the terminal to the folder you have placed the files in using the “cd” command.

tep(v):-Type copy /b +
And press enter.
There will be a new picture inside the folder with name you have specified.
As you can see the file localization is hidden in picture techyhuman.jpg to form a new image techyhumanhack.
Now the real problem is how to access the hidden file?Let me tell that too.

To access the hidden file,change the extension of the picture to the extension of the hidden file.That’s it icon smile How to hide files inside a picture ? Happy hiding icon biggrin How to hide files inside a picture ?